For all you smartphone-addicts out there

We would not want you to experience that horrible feeling of not being able to check your Facebook, to post a selfie on Instagram or to be able to chat with your latest Tinder-match.

So we decided to provide you with mobile lockers from a company called, errr, ‘Mobile Lockers‘.

You probably have seen those before, if you visit festivals or other events regularly.

The system is pretty easy: book a locker, pay a small fee, put your phone (along with other valuables you might want to store) in the safe and attach your charger to the socket inside. Come back a while later and chat away !

The two units will be conveniently located near the ‘food & beverages’-tents & close to the showers. This allows you to charge your own batteries, as well as those of your phone at the same time. Another welcome addition to our Camping, wouldn’t you say ?

Camping shop at A1 this year !

Yes, you read that well: we set up a cooperation with this nice company called ‘Tentenzo’ and they will open a ‘Camping shop’ at Camping A1 this year.

We’ve never had a Camping shop before at A1, but we’re happy that there will be one this year, because that means you could buy a new tent when your camping buddy kicked you out because of excessive snoring. Don’t say we don’t care for you ! πŸ™‚

All the info on our ‘FAQ’-page here

Camping A1 “reloaded”

Hello there, camper and welcome to our brand new website ! πŸ™‚

“A website about a Rock Werchter Camping”, you are wondering ?
Well yes, we figured this would be the most convenient way to get you informed and keep you updated.

A lot has changed since last year: the ‘Rock Werchter Camping A1’ will be run by a single organisation from now on. We already ran the ‘Tent Trap’ near the rear entrance of the camping and are now expanding our operation (because the Camping’s owner asked us, actually).

Our main focus is on ‘The Doghouse’, a big tent in the middle of the camping grounds, that will provide you with shade when it’s sunny out (fingers crossed !) or shelter during rain, but we will also serve bacon and eggs in the morning (against possible hangovers), ‘fresh-made’ healthy food & salads for lunch,Β  and cold drinks all day and all night.

Furthermore, you can already find a bunch of interesting info here, and much more will be coming in the following weeks, so follow us to make sure you are ready for this year’s edition !