No, we do not know why he or she left you (although we did see you crawl out of a different tent this morning 😉 ), but we can possibly answer other questions you might have:

Why are we here ?

‘omdat we moeten van ons moeder’

When does your lovely camping open and close ?

Camping A1 opens on Thursday 5th of July at 8 am and closes on Monday 9th of July 2018 at 12 pm (noon).

What are the general camping rules ?

General rules

What is not allowed ?
  • Gazebos larger than 3 by 3 metres, or tents of an excessive size.
  • Glass, sharp objects, weapons.
  • Tapping equipment. Drinks are available at the campsites for a reasonable price.
  • Gas burners and installations are forbidden by order of the fire department.
  • Dry ice
  • Generators cause extra noise and they constitute an additional safety hazard.
  • Fire (torches, candles, cookers, charcoal BBQ, etc) is dangerous, especially with so many tents crowded together.
  • Pets, except for guide dogs.
  • Music equipment making too much noise will be confiscated. Respect your fellow campers’ sleep.
  • Commercial activities: it is strictly forbidden to deal drugs, sell food or drinks, tickets and so on.
  • Flyers: it is forbidden to hand out flyers or any other promotional material.
  • Cars, motorbikes, trailers, caravans, camper vans, etc. They endanger camping safety. Hand trucks (trolleys) aren’t allowed either. Motorhomes and campers are only allowed on Camping Mobilhome.
Will there be enough toilets available ? And will they be clean ?

We rented dozens of ‘dixi’-style toilets, and spread them around the camping site. They are emptied and cleaned twice a day. On top of that there will be ‘toilet-containers’, with ‘real’ toilets, just like home 🙂 They are more luxurious and are cleaned more often. For this we ask a small fee. We do provide you with toilet paper, but you are free to bring your own.

And what about showers ?

We provide two different areas with ‘rental’ showers. In total there will be 80+ shower units. Both areas open at 0730h and close at 2200h, or later when necessary.

And what about a shop to buy the gear I forgot at home ?

Well, boys & girls, this must be your lucky year ! For the first time ever there will be a ‘Camping Shop’ at Camping A1. So, no worries if you forgot your sleeping bag at home, punctured your inflatable mattrass or broke a tent pole. The good people of ‘Tentenzo’ will have an area, close to the ‘Doghouse’ where you can buy the basics to survive a week in a tent.
And even better: they will be open when you arrive and they offer the possibility to pre-order.
This is indeed the same company that also hosts a shop at Camping ‘The Hive’. More info & opening hours is located here.

No more excuses to NOT put your tent up 🙂
My cellphone is my dearest possession. Can I charge it somewhere ?

In the words of a former US President: “Yes, you can !”

We actually blog-posted about this: see here