How to get there ?

By car:

Our camping is located in the “A” area, which lies between the towns of Werchter and Haacht. More specifically, we are situated between the “Haachtsesteenweg” and “Scharent”.

Set your GPS to “Scharent 206” in 3150 Haacht, Belgium. This will take you straight to the entrance of the “Rock Werchter – Parking A8”, which is 100m from the (rear) camping entrance.
Please, play nice and follow the roadsigns and the directions from the Police to get from the highway to the correct street. Those people know what they are doing and they really do show you the fastest way to your ‘festival-home’. Look at the bright side: being stuck in traffic is a nice opportunity to practice some yoga 😀

Coordinates: 50.97656, 4.67732

For those among you that need visual stimulation:

The festival Organiser, LiveNation, decided that a parking ticket will set you back 15 €, payable by cash only. They also ruled that if you decide to leave the parking, you will be charged again upon reentry ! (There is actually no need to go shopping for food or drinks, since we offer a whole range of meals & beverages)
Please note that we are only allowed to open up Parking A8 from Thursday 06h on July 5th and we expect you to leave before 17h on Monday July 9th.

By bus/train:

Take a train to Leuven. Walk outside through the front entrance, keep right and pass the bus terminal. Follow the herd into the busses. Find someone nice to sit next to and make a new friend 🙂  The bus will take you in about 30min to the Festival Bus Stop. From there you will walk about 1.5km to the (front) entrance of our cosy camping.

Country specific:

Our neighbours from the north (we mean the Dutch) also have the option to book a ticket on a bus through these sites:


By bike / motorbike / mobilhome:

Cycling is fun and healthy. If you prefer to come by bike, we will gladly offer a safe place to store it during the festival. Contact us !

No mobilhomes are allowed on our camping. The organiser, LiveNation provides mobilhome camping some 4.5 km from the festival grounds. More info on that here.

Motorbikers have the option to park their bikes on the car parking for a 10 € fee. You have to pay cash & will get a ticket stating you paid in full.

Still looking for more info ??

We kindly redirect you to the festivals’ website, which has even more specifics.