“The Doghouse”

Our main area of fun and debauchery !

Indeed, we rented a big tent this year (the picture above was sent by the company we rent it from), so you can come sit down and enjoy breakfast and lunch, or even dinner in a comfortable way.


From 0800 in the morning to 0400 in the, err, morning 🙂


We’ve been there: all day singing along with our favourite artists at the Festival Park in the blistering sun and partying at ‘Camping A1’ afterwards like there was no tomorrow. So, we know what exactly it is you need to get you going in no-time in the morning. And to keep you going again all day and all night. Read on, and let us convince you not to pack too heavy this year.


In both of our tents (‘The Doghouse’, near the center of the camping, and ‘Tent Trap’, close to the rear entrance), we will serve freshly baked scrambled eggs, with bacon and/or sausages in the morning, accompanied by either a premium coffee or tea (check out our hot beverages partner: ROM)

Ode to the bean !

Not a fan of eggs ? No problem, you also have the option to choose from a variety of fresh juices and fruit salads (for the health-freaks). And, since we’re in Belgium, there will be the ‘usual’ selection of pastries or ‘koffiekoeken’ as we tend to call them.

Sweet sin …

To be able to offer you the best for the best price, we teamed up with The Catering Company and The Juicy Group.

Deliciousness !

Freshly made every morning by The Catering Company


We teamed up with The Catering Company and decided -after extensive debate and several ‘tasting sessions’- upon a healthy and varied menu.

We truly believe that you will make your mother proud when you get home after the festival by telling her what you ate at #RWA1. We focused on healthy ‘comfort food’ that tastes great.

All meals will be prepared by little minions at The Catering Company during the early morning hours, packaged under a sealed atmosphere and transported immediately to our Camping, to be served just hours after they have been prepared.
That means no added salt or preservatives. Just a plate full of deliciousness.

There will be a selection of fresh salads available:

  • Salad with goats’ cheese, honey and bacon **
  • Salad with baked chicken and pineapple **
  • Salad ‘Nicoise’ (with olives and anchovies, obviously) **
  • A vegan salad with freekeh (grainy superfood, worth a google!) **

    looks yummie, no ?

Should you be craving a warm meal, we can offer you these choices:

  • Spaghetti ‘Bolognaise’ (traditions are to be honored !) **
  • Spaghetti ‘Paella’ (yes, we had to try it first too. We’re fans now 🙂 )
  • Penne with an exquisite selection of 4 cheeses **
  • Penne vegetarian (vegetables only) **
  • Gnocci seafood (pasta in the shape of little shells, with salmon, cod and scampis)
  • Cubes of baked chicken with curry, cocos and rice
  • ‘Vol au vent’ with mashed potatoes (just as good as your mom makes it!)

Please note that all meals will be available at ‘The Doghouse’ and meals with an asterisk (**) will also be available in our second tent ‘Trap’, near the rear camping entrance


Dinner & late night snacks

Like we said: we know what it feels like to spend a full day at the Festival Park, singing and drinking. That’s why we realize all too well that you might want to fill your belly again and hang around our main area before trying to find your (own ?) bed. Menu will follow soon !


As always: a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. And, because scores of you kept asking, we added a nice white wine to our menu. You’re welcome !

We admit: mostly Ladies asked us. We simply couldn’t refuse !